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to vote on my entry in this weeks Spoonflower challenge, CLICK swimmers above
(please note this is not a direct link and you will need to vote for 3 different designs) Thank you.

Swimming in the Lake is available on several different types of wallpapers, fabrics and home-decor at Spoonflower.
(click image above)

VOTE for my entry in this weeks Spoonflower challenge.

my buttercup pattern design is available on fabrics, wallpaper, and more. To see more click image above.

To vote in this week’s Spoonflower buttercup challenge, click link above.

Scandinavian Check in Bloom – new pattern design available at Spoonflower in a few variations on fabrics, wallpaper and more
(click image link above).

The Scandinavian Check in Bloom is also available on throw pillows and more at Society6 (click image link above).

To vote on my entry for this week’s Spoonflower challenge (and the scroll down until you find my entry). Thank you.

Please vote for my entry in this weeks Spoonflower challenge –> link
And its available on wallpaper (and more) here.

to vote on my pattern design in this week’s Delicious Ditsy Spoonflower challenge,
click image above. Thank you!
This design is now available on fabrics and more here.

to vote for my entry on this week’s 1920s challenge at Spoonflower, click image above. Thank you.
This Bauhaus inspired pattern design is available as wallpaper, fabric and more.

This pattern design is available on Spoonflower (click image to shop).
And as temporary tattoos on Zazzle (SOLD OUT)
Its also available as an art print and more in my Society6 shop.

The Sustainable Home by Ida Magntorn

Illustration for Art of Eating

click image above to get art print

Celebrate Cinnamon Bun Day by baking my
Cardamom Buns (click image for recipe)

Click image (above) to pre-order
The Bread Baker’s Pocket Companion
by Andrew Janjigian with illustrations by Johanna Kindvall

Bake-A-Thon for Ukraine Tickets -> here
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my shop at Mixtiles Art
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my shop @ Society6
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my shop @ Spoonflower
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Baking Class: Flavors of Sweden: Cinnamon Buns, Three ways, at 18Reasons. Please click image for more info and how to get your ticket.
Min skånska kokbok by Anna Billing, Cover by Johanna Kindvall, 2020
This ABC fruit & vegetable tea towel is my entry in this week’s Spoonflower design challenge. Click image to vote. Thank you. The tea towel is now available for sale in my shop and as print over here.
“Illustrations leave room for more creativity in the kitchen.” Q&A with Johanna Kindvall at Comestible Journal.
Click image to vote. This pattern design is already on sale at Spoonflower as well as in my Society6 shop on fabrics and several different products.