Johanna Kindvall is a designer who works with illustrations and architecture.
She is based in south Sweden and New York City.

Johanna's illustrations are simple and minimal. The motifs vary, although as a serious home cook and editor of her
illustrated cooking blog Kokblog many of her drawings are food related.

Her works includes illustrations and graphics for websites, magazines (e.g. Art of Eating and The Foodie Bugle)
and books (e.g."The Fabulous Baker Brothers" by Tom & Henry Herbert, Headline UK and
The Culinary Cyclist
by Anna Brones, Elly Blue Publishing). Johanna has also created graphics for both
Walczak & Heiss
and Kinecity on a wide range of interactive public art installations

Currently she is working on her 1st cookbook. It’s an all illustrated cookbook
and it's a collaboration with Anna Brones. The book is scheduled to be published in Spring 2015 by 10 Speed Press.

In the SHOP you can find a variety of prints and illustrations for sale.

If you would like to commission Johanna for book-, web- or other illustration jobs

please contact her here or email her at...